Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another set and a window to more sets....

I just received great news! I will have the opportunity to work as a makeup & hair artist on another film set. And this time it is a paid position. This opportunity came about a couple months back. After I graduated from the makeup academy, I assisted an experienced t.v. makeup artist for a pilot. I learned so much from her! Hands on experience is just amazing....The pilot was sent out and got picked up! WoooHoooo! I will be on set again in November for the whole month. Soon I will disclose the name, lots of fine print to follow right now. Keep me in your prayers. Muuuaaahh! ~Danielle

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First time on set!!

I'm currently attending Downey Adult School Makeup Academy. I am in awww of my training! We have a different type of photoshoot weekly and we also are sent out on externships. So today, I am Exhausted!! Yesterday a group of us were sent to a movie set to get experience on Set Etiquette. The day was SO exciting, long, and very informing. I had the pleasure to work with Combat Casting, check them out at,

The film we were working on is called 'Poet's War'. The Key MUA (makeup artist) is Kris Dukes, check her website out at, She taught us Movie Set Etiquette and a Whole lot of makeup tips and tricks. The experience was out of control, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.......... I can't stress it enough. I was in amazement with the whole production, from the early morning start, the speedy makeup application to have the actors ready to roll, the food-the food-the food (lol, I liked the food!), my position on set, my professionalism on set, my organization on set, my energy level on set (keeping the energy level up for a 11 to 15 hour day is no joke), to the connection between the makeup department and all the others.

I learned so much and loved all of it. I truley want to get into the movies and t.v. industry, but not sure I can work the hours and destination and keep my family time the same as I have it. We shall see where my journey takes me......

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fashion Photoshoot

Another shoot has yet passed. I just received the pics and sad to say I am SO not impressed with my work. I know it will take a while to make $$ to buy better product, but until I am able to, I am going to pause on the shoots.

Chantelle, beautiful girl, but I had challenges with some acne. My pics were Photoshopped so you can't see all the acne, and besides that the colors are just not what I was going for!
Not only do I need better bases and concealors but I also am in need of some color with strong pigment. Do you see those lips??... I was trying for a HOT PINK lip to go with her accessories. Also take a look at her eyes, the purple is there but not what I was trying for...
Until tomorrow.........Nightie, night

Monday, January 5, 2009

Finally, updates....!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok All, I finally have updates for you and pictures, yep, I said pictures. Finally!, you all can take a look at my work. I've done five photo shoots in the past month. It took so long to get the photos from my first shoot, but the last photo shoot teams have been great to me!!! I was able to receive photos that same day if not in the couple days that followed the shoots.

Let me tell you, I know I love doing makeup, but wow! - the rush I get at these photo shoots is just amazing!! I am not only able to showcase my work to models and photographers, but I am able to see a side of me that I didn't even know existed ~ CREATIVITY .... I thought I had none, but I've been blowing my socks off with the images I am able to create in my head. From the models outfits to their positioning for the shots, I just come up with constant ideas.
Below are photos from my past shoots. Enjoy and PLEASE comment (good or bad)!!!!

** Glamour Shoot with Marlene Blum Photography

Model: Bryttani Schlater

** Glamour Shoot with GJ Spiller Photography

Models: Armani & Lori

**Lifestyle Shoot with Davis Photographic

** Fashion Shoot with

Eric Lennstrom Photography

Models: Elvina & Ksanka

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Blogmates!!!!!!!! Well, I'm up and running on this site, although there's still quite a bit to add.

I just wanted to give a big Happy Thanksgiving Shout Out to all those reading this, to my husband for his support, and to those HELPFUL blessings that I have recently met in the industry (GJ SPILLER PHOTOGRAPHY, MARLENE BLUM PHOTOGRAPHY, MODEL: UNIQUE THOMAS, MODEL: BRYTTANI SCHLATER).


Check back for pics of my recent photo shoot with Model: Bryttani Schlater (Your Gorgeous Miss Lady, I know tons of work will come your way!).

Enjoy your holiday weekend, Smooches 2 All, Danielle